Our heart is in our home.

About Megan Hurst from Home with the Hursts

Hi! I’m Megan.

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My husband, Bryan, and I were married in 2015. We had our first baby in 2017 and 3 more have followed since then. We lived in a house on a busy road with our first two kids so when 2020 hit, we felt it was necessary to find a place in the country to raise our family and our food.

We sold our home, sold our stuff and bought some land with the intention of building a tiny home and getting out of debt quickly. That idea was quickly shut down when we saw how expensive it was going to be to build our tiny home in that location.

We finally found a cabin with 1,100 sq ft of living space, one bedroom and one bathroom for our family of four to live in. We have had 2 babies in this cabin since moving here so our space is bursting at the seems. I hope you follow along as we grow our family, grow our home and grow our faith in this journey.

Check out our cabin tour here.

More about me

I am from a small town in East Tennessee. I grew up in a subdivision that wasn’t quite right on top of people but we could still see our neighbors’ houses from the front porch.

Growing up I always wanted to move to a big city and travel. I did travel as much as I could before I got married but I never made the move to a big city and I am so glad I didn’t.

I went to cosmetology school right out of high school and worked in a salon for almost 8 years. In the middle of those 8 years I quit doing hair for almost 2 years and got my certificate to be a personal trainer which is where I met my husband.

Now, I love to homeschool our kids, cook healthy meals, redo a room and raise animals on our homestead. I’ve really been enjoying learning about all of the health benefits of growing our own food and what each animal and vegetable or fruit provides when it comes to nutrients. I’ve also enjoyed learning how to manage a home and raise my children to love Christ and learning.

You can follow more of our day to day life on my Instagram and if you like videos on homemaking, homesteading and a holistic lifestyle you can subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Fun facts about me

I played basketball all throughout my childhood until my sophomore year in high school and then switched to cheerleading.

I enjoy lifting weights and being strong.

I gave birth to all of my children at home and the second, Micah, was born so fast it ended up being unassisted. (You can watch his story here.)

I used to be a super picky eater but since I’ve become a wife and a mom, I’ve learned to cook so many things and I am willing to try anything now. I like most all things but I still don’t like chocolate.

Thank you so much for stopping by!