Easy DIY All-purpose Natural Cleaner

lemons, distilled vinegar and lemons in a mason jar

This easy, DIY all-purpose natural cleaner will replace most of your cleaners!

I used to have lots of different cleaners under my kitchen sink. Not only did I have a lot but they were very toxic. I finally realized how toxic they were one day after using Draino for our toilet and becoming very sick for 3 days afterwards.

I decided it was time to start using cleaner cleaning products. Who knew that was even a thing? I started buying more “green” products and learned they were pretty expensive. Then I started using just vinegar and baking soda for most things. This worked but plain old vinegar just stinks.

This easy to make all-purpose cleaner smells fresh and cleans just as good as the commercial cleaners!

lemons, white vinegar and mason jar

Why should I use natural cleaners?

Many commercial cleaners are very toxic in many ways. They sometimes hold chemicals in them that require poison control if they get on your skin or if swallowed.

I personally have small children and they are always getting into things. I don’t want to risk their health or life by using lots of chemicals to clean my house.

What do I need to make this easy DIY all-purpose, natural cleaner?

To make this all-purpose, natural cleaner all you need is white vinegar and the peelings of a citrus fruit. In this post I am using the peelings of lemons.

Lemon oils also help to remove hard stains and grime. I especially love the fresh smell of lemons.

How do I make an all-purpose, natural cleaner?

To make this all-purpose, natural cleaner take a 32 oz mason jar and put the peeling of 2-3 lemons or citrus fruit of your choice (orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit) inside.

Pour your vinegar on top of the peelings until it covers them completely.

Allow your vinegar and peelings to sit for 2 weeks. At the end of two weeks, strain the vinegar into a spray bottle. Put equal amount of water into the spray bottle as well.

Use this to clean your counters, floors, showers and more!


Does this smell like vinegar?

If you allow the lemons or other citrus fruits to steep in the vinegar for at least 2 weeks, you should have the scent of the citrus fruit instead of the vinegar.

What can I clean with this natural cleaner?

I have cleaned tables, wood, walls, bathroom tiles and more! If you are worried about a certain area, test it in an inconspicuous area before going all in.

Have more questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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lemons, distilled vinegar and lemons in a mason jar

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