Easily store and organize seeds

You can easily store and organize seeds using picture containers and a craft boxe. This method combines functionality and creativity to store and label seeds efficiently. If you’re like me, I tend to over buy seeds. I just get so excited when it’s time to prep for the garden and Continue Reading

Potato Soup Recipe

There’s just something about a warm bowl of potato soup that causes a cold, dreary day to become cozy and memorable. I remember growing up my dad would make a potato soup each winter. It was never the exact same recipe. His soup was always a little different than the Continue Reading

Healthy Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

This healthy, virgin strawberry daiquiri recipe is sure to be a hit this summer! Sip this on a hot day by the pool and relax. I am personally not a fan of alcohol so anytime I ever ordered a strawberry daiquiri, I requested a virgin strawberry daiquiri. The bad thing Continue Reading