How to sew a Bohemian Headband (Tutorial)

A few years ago I bought a boho headband from my sister’s boutique. I loved it! It was very comfortable and really dressed up a messy bun on the days I just didn’t have time to fix my hair. The only problem I had with it is it was a bit big on my head. It would slide up and down and wouldn’t stay where I had it. I also wanted more in different colors but I couldn’t seem to find exactly what I was looking for.

I studied the headband and decided to try to make one and fix the “problems” I had with my original one. This Bohemian Headband tutorial is fairly simple and makes a cute headband out of your favorite knit material.

Supplies to sew your own Bohemian Headband

Video Tutorial

Steps to Making a Bohemian Headband

Step 1

Lay out your fabric flat on a table with the right side facing up. Measure your fabric to cut. You will be cutting out a rectangle 9 inches wide by 20 inches long. I like to fold my fabric lengthwise (like a hotdog) and make sure that it is 4 1/2 inches wide from start to end before cutting. You can cut it however you’d like as long as the end result is 9in X 20in when you are finished.

Step 2

Fold the rectangle in half with the right sides touching. (If you haven’t already done this.) Pin along the open side of the fabric.

Step 3

Sew the length of the fabric on the raw edges using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. DO NOT sew the ends.

Step 4

Turn the fabric right side out and lay flat on a table. Twist the fabric in the middle once then lay the two ends on top of each other so that they line up evenly.

Step 5

Pin only the two inside layers together. Starting with what you pinned, sew the edges together making sure the rest of the fabric is out of the way. As you reach the end of that section sewing, pull the bottom and top layers together to continue the seam. Continue sewing until you have about 1 inch left open.

Step 6

Pull the fabric out right and fold in the opening that was left not sewn. Pin the ends of the opening and sew 1/8 inch seam to close up the hole.

How to wear your Bohemian Headband

Flatten out the final seam and place it in the back and the twist in the front. Pull the headband over your head with the seam in the back. Pull your hair on top of the headband and push the headband up onto your head with the twist in the front. I like to wear the twist in the middle of my head or sometimes slightly to one side. You can wear your hair up or down however you like.

Tips to sew your Bohemian headband

Be sure to use a knit needle on your sewing machine. It will make sewing with knit fabric so much easier!

Also, be sure to back stitch at the start and end of each sewn section. This will keep your headband from coming a part at the seams.

Be sure to leave a comment if you decide to make it! I’d also love to see pictures of you in your new headband on Instagram. Be sure to tag @Megan_Hurst_ on Instagram.

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