Easily store and organize seeds

zinnia dahlia seed mix in purple picture container

You can easily store and organize seeds using picture containers and a craft boxe. This method combines functionality and creativity to store and label seeds efficiently.

If you’re like me, I tend to over buy seeds. I just get so excited when it’s time to prep for the garden and I just keep putting seeds into my cart. Without proper organization, this could really get out of hand. Ok, ok. It probably can still get out of hand but at least I will know where to locate all of my seeds, right?

A couple of years ago, I quit only growing vegetables. I was given TONS of expired flower seeds and I couldn’t just let them go to waste. My plastic bag storage needed an upgrade (which was literally a ziploc plastic bag with all of my seed packets in it) or I was going to have a difficult time keeping up.

zinnia seeds stored in labeled picture container

I quickly made a trip to HOBBY LOBBY to the craft section and found the craft storage box as well as the picture organizing containers. You can save a trip and get yours here.

Easily Store Seeds

I like this method of storing seeds because it’s so easy! The picture containers are the perfect size to hold seed packets. They also snap shut so that your seed packets won’t fall out. And if you are wanting to preserve your seeds best and need to store them in a freezer, you can easily stack them without fear of losing seed packets to the deep freezer and beyond.

Organize Seeds

You can choose how you want to organize your seeds. You can organize them by color, vegetables, flowers, start date, etc. The possibilities are endless. If you decide to organize by color, this organizer is perfect! You just have to figure out what works best for you. You may even change it as you learn how you like to do things. I personally have mine separated into groups of flowers and vegetables. From there I’ve separated my flowers by the type of flower they are and by grouping unique flowers together. I keep all of my zinnias and sunflowers in their own case because I have so many different seeds for them.

My vegetable seeds are organized by green veggies, melons, squash and I have an “all herbs” container. I labeled a container with only tomatoes and carrots last year because I wanted to try out companion planting. There are so many different ways to organize your seeds. I love that this system is customizable to you. If you are saving your own seeds, you can use these cute envelopes to put them in and label them.

seed packets organized and stored in picture containers

Label Each Seed Container

Once you’ve divided out your seeds the way you want, be sure to label each container. You can buy labels and write on each one or you can use a label maker. Labeling your containers will make it easy to quickly find your seeds when the time comes.

picture containers in a craft box with seeds organized and labeled

Where to keep your seed storage

To keep your seeds in optimal condition, store your container box in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Some good places can be

  • Under your bed
  • In your garage or basement
  • In the freezer
  • In a pantry
  • In a cellar

Wherever you decide to store your seeds, make sure the temperature doesn’t drastically change. This will keep your seeds viable a lot longer.

These steps will help you easily store and organize your seeds!

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