Black Walnut Tincture Recipe for Parasite Cleanse

This Black Walnut Tincture is an easy way to make medicine at home to get rid of parasites.

My family and I moved to a 7 acre homestead in 2021 and I quickly started learning all I could about natural medicines and foraging our land. We learned we have several Black Walnut trees on our property and that the green hulls of the walnut are great for treating and preventing parasites.

The recipe I use to make this tincture is from The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies by Nicole Apelian, Ph.D & Claude Davis. I highly recommend this book for more information on herbs and their medicinal uses.

Picking your black walnuts

The green hulls are the most potent for making medicine. Wait until they have ripened and fallen off of the tree. Collect your walnuts while they are still mostly green. Be sure you can correctly identify your Black Walnut tree by using different sources or the Seek app. I tend to use my herb book and the Seek app to make sure I am correct with my identification.

Supplies you need to make your Black Walnut Tincture

This tincture only needs green hulls from a Black Walnut, 80 proof or higher alcohol, a glass jar and either plastic lids or parchment paper with a metal lid. I always by vodka that is from Germany because I’ve been told they don’t spray their plants like we do here in America. This saves me money instead of buying an organic vodka or alcohol.

Black Walnut Tincture Recipe

Wearing gloves (because this will stain your hands black) cut the green hulls off of the nut. Be sure the hull is worm free and only save the green parts.

Place the hulls in a clean, dry glass jar leaving about 2 inches of space at the top of the jar.

Fill the jar with 80 proof or higher vodka or other alcohol over the top of the hulls. Leave 1/2 inch to 1 inch room at the top.

Place plastic lid or parchment paper with metal lid on tightly. Give the jar a shake and place in a cool, dark area for 6-8 weeks. Shake every few days and add more vodka or alcohol if the level goes below the hulls.

After 6-8 weeks, strain the mixture using a fine sieve or a cheesecloth. Be sure to squeeze out all of the liquid. Strain the mixture again the next day using a coffee filter or decant to remove any remaining hull residue. Throw away the hulls and store your tincture in a glass bottle or jar with a a tight lid in a cool, dark place.

When to take Black Walnut Tincture

This is NOT medical advice but my personal experience. Please seek advice from your own Naturopath or Doctor before taking this tincture.

I have found that using any kind of medicine to get rid of parasites is best done around a full moon. If we are doing a parasite cleanse, we will start taking our medicine the week before a full moon and continue every day until the full moon is over. Parasites are the most active around a full moon so using this method helps to get rid of more of them.

How many drops of black walnut tincture should I take?

When taking Black Walnut Tincture, adults usually take 15-20 drops in a little water on an empty stomach. You can take this 2-3 times per day. We have personally given this to our kids over age 2 as well but we half the dose and put it in some juice to hide the taste.

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