How to use Azure Standard to buy bulk groceries

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How to use Azure Standard to buy bulk groceries.

Several months ago I was introduced to Azure Standard through a random YouTube video. Honestly, I watched for a few minutes then clicked on the next video thinking, “Azure Standard isn’t going to come to my rural area.”

A few months later a lady at my organic feed pickup was talking about a local Azure Standard pickup. After that, I decided to start digging in on what was actually available through Azure Standard.

At the time, I was spending 3 hours on Mondays to get our groceries. This involved our local raw milk pickup, the regular grocery store trip and a trip to our farmer’s market for fresh vegetables. I was also toting around a 3.5 year old and 2 year old. I was starting to loathe grocery day.

With Azure Standard, I spend 20-30 minutes on their website ordering enough food to last my family a month. I go pick up our order on our pickup date and spend another 30-40 minutes putting things away and organizing it in our home. I now spend less than 3 hours total on grocery shopping and save so much time and gas!

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How do I know if Azure Standard delivers in my area?

Azure Standard has more than 3,000 drops in the United States and they also deliver by parcel carriers like USPS and UPS. You will pay more for shipping if you are having it delivered to you. It still may be worth it though depending on where you live and what your grocery store is like. If you want to know if there is an Azure Standard drop near you, all you have to do is enter your zip code, city or state and you’ll see a map with the closest drop to you.

If there is not a drop close enough to you but you are on the route the delivery truck takes, they are willing to work with you for delivery. You can even set up your own drop for people in your community.

What qualifies my area/group for an Azure Standard Drop?

Your drop location must be able to accommodate an 18-wheeler truck. This truck makes many deliveries and will have other orders on it as well as freezer and fridge items.

Your drop group must meet a minimum order for everyone’s order to be shipped. You can read more about what qualifies a drop here.

What happens on Azure Standard pickup day?

When you place your Azure Standard order, you will be notified through email when that order will need to be picked up. It will most likely not be the estimated pickup date but another date and time. They do a four week rotation so it is usually on the same day of the week but varies sometimes depending on weather and other unforeseen issues.

On the day of pickup, you will arrive a few minutes early to park and get ready to get your stuff. The truck will pull up and the driver will start handing out packages for your drop. We usually have everyone stand close by and they will call out a name and we get our packages and take them to our vehicle. You should get a piece of paper with your order items as well as how many packages you should receive.

Most of your items will be bundled together in as few of boxes as possible. As long as you have your number of packages, you most likely have everything you ordered that was in stock.

After you have loaded your packages, you get to head home and unload.

people picking up boxes at Azure Standard drop location

How do I use Azure Standard to buy a month’s worth of groceries?

This part of the process can be a bit tricky at first. Some things are sold at such a great price in bulk that I will order them in bulk and not need to buy it again for several months. Other things may need to be bought again before the next Azure Standard order.

The best way to buy a month’s worth of groceries with Azure Standard is to calculate things you eat on a daily basis, a weekly basis and periodically. My family is pretty much creatures of habit. We make very similar meals weekly so I can calculate this fairly easily.

I take an average of what we eat in a week, multiply it by 4 and try to order that amount. I am making a master list of groceries. This will allow me to go through and check my inventory for my Azure Standard order.

What can I buy on Azure Standard?

Azure Standard carries almost everything. Fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen items, meats, beauty products and so much more. I would almost say, “If you can’t get it on Azure Standard, you don’t need it”, but I haven’t seen them carry sardines yet and they’re my husband and kids’ favorite, healthy meal choice.

My suggestion is grow as much food as you can. Support your local organic based farmer then use Azure Standard for anything left over.

azure standard organic cocoa powder

Is Azure Standard worth it?

Coming from a mom of 2 that was spending 12+ hours a month buying groceries and having to leave the house 4+ times a month extra, yes Azure standard is worth it!

My family has been able to save time, gas and money on good, quality foods. Azure Standard has taken the stress out of grocery shopping. I’ve even met some really awesome new people in my community.

Ready to try Azure Standard to buy bulk groceries?

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