Easy DIY Grapevine Wreath Tutorial

grapevine wreath with blue hydrangeas and lamb's ear on a front door

From the garden to your home, make this easy DIY Grapevine wreath to decorate your home.

What do you need to make a grapevine wreath?

To make a grapevine wreath, all you need is grapevines and any dried flowers, ribbons or other decor you want to add to your wreath.

Where do I cut the grapevines from?

To make the wreath, you will need green or live vines and not dried. The vines will need to be able to be bent without breaking so be sure to use your vines within 2-3 days after cutting them from the plant.

Start with the base of the grape vine and find your two main vines. You will leave these two main vines alone and cut the vines that are protruding from your two main vines. It’s best if you cut off the other smaller vines coming off of these vines to make it easier to wrap as you make our wreath.

Starting the Base of your grapevine wreath

Take your thickest vine and shape it in a circle into the desired diameter. Start to twist the vine at one end then start wrapping it in and out until you use up the entire vine.

Once the base of the wreath is secure, you can start adding in more vines. Wrap each vine in and out and secure each end in between the other vines. Continue this until the wreath has reached your desired thickness.

Decorating your wreath

Decorating your wreath allows you to get creative and adjust it to whatever season you are in. I am currently in the season of Fall or Autumn so I used some dried Hydrangeas and Mullein or Lamb’s Ear to decorate mine. These plants were from friends’ gardens but you can use dried flowers from your own garden or even faux flowers like these.

Take your dried flowers and tuck them in between the vines. You can also use floral wire if you need to. These two methods allow you to change out your flowers for different seasons if you wish to.

Display your wreath!

Use a wreath hanger or hook to display your beautiful grapevine wreath on your front door or in another location.

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